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Humminbird Fishfinder 561 DI


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Humminbird Fishfinder 561 DI

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561 DICombine pristine picture quality with features usually found in higher-end models, including Side Imaging and color or monochrome displays. Versatility makes the 500 Series perfect for a wide range of boats..It doesn’t matter what you’re fishing for-any Humminbird fishfinder will help you see your prey and its surroundings more clearly. To find the Humminbird that’s right for you, consider your boat type, fishing style, price range and the features you can or can’t live without. Use the chart below to select the Series that best meets your needs.Display Size: 5″ DiagonalResolution: 320V x 320HDisplay Type:FSTN LCDSonar – Standard:Down Imaging – Dual Beam PLUSSonar Coverage:16, 28,45 & 75 @ -10dbSonar Frequency:455/800/200/455kHzTarget Seperation:2-½”Power Output (Max):-500W (RMS)-4000W (PTP)Depth Capability:250′ DI & 600’Temperature:IncludedSpeed:OptionalMount:Quick DisconnectPower Input:10-20VDCOther Features Include:SwitchFire SonarHumminbirdPCUpgradeable Internal Software – OPTIONALSplit Screen ZoomLarge Digits ViewCustom View SelectionsCustom Digital Readout SelectionsSelective Fish IDReal Time Sonar Sonar Echo EnhancementTriplog – OPTIONALX-Press. Menu System Transducer Type Transom MountWaterproof Rating WaterproofWatts RMS – Max 500

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